Sunday, October 10, 2010

summer fun !

i got my ears pierced !


crazy dusty !

me, ruby &... jackson's head.

xavier's kittens

stretchy on a plane to california !

mani / pedi

while nobody's looking...

me riding a chicken !


smokey in my lap.

me & ruby.

cute !


the play !

me, ruby & jackson's face.

muir woods

sleeping odeo

crawling with kittens !

me & jackson in front of an old tree.

me & ruby at high tea.

kittens !

hammock !

kitten bridge !

lulu in a raincoat.

me & x-man at the humane society !

i hate sushi !!

golden gate bridge

kitten staring contest.

me on a plane to california !

(fried) ice cream BEFORE more ice cream !



kitten heaven

cuddly sleeping

clouds !

phoning home

baby goats !

insane tree

wilfie after getting quilled : (

annoyed at train operator

my treehouse bedroom

view from the treehouse

crazy chicken face !

crazy chewing face !